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Started by 3d-factory, February 16, 2023, 08:09:40 AM

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Hi, Johannes.
Now I found proper section for my question but if it isn't please let me know a correction.😅

I would like to have examples of grasshopper algorithm related to the attached video files.
It's about interworking between two or more robots and working together. (These videos are about two robots.)

Especially in <Video-2>, One robot is holding an object like a mold and the other is doing 3D printing on there.
I would go further to this, I hope the robot arm holding will be moved and tilted with interworking to the 3D printing robot arm. Because our nozzle equiped to the end of printing robot arm cannot be inclined over about 30 dgrees against to perpendicular standing.

Thank you for your support.


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


Sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately we do not support the RoboTeam function where the other robot acts like a synchronized, external kinematic system.
It would be possible to integrate it with a reasonable effort, but we have never needed it so far.
A simple example for using KUKA|prc and RoboTeam is attached, you can either wait for each other or synchronize individual movements. Both robots need to have the same number of synchronization components and use different RoboTeam IDs (in the external axes menu). You need to move the slider to update both simulations.