Custom Tool Plane ABC Rotation

Started by fineconcrete, July 27, 2023, 04:10:37 PM

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I am trying to set up a tool with the custom tool plane. I have set up this script that sets the tool location and does the rotation of A B and C around world Z Y and X respectively. I have compared this set up to the custom tool component and I seem to be getting the same result. My confusion is in the construct plane component, the plane positive Z is in the negative world X which feels counter intuitive to how the tool works in the simulation moving with the robot. Although I have achieved the desired result, I do not understand why.

My plan is to log all my tool data in an excel file and load the values through this script. An alternate version would be a request an option to expose the XYZABC values for the custom tool component instead of having to load them through the dialog box.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


The tool axis direction is an ongoing issue that we will definitely address in the next "breaking" (i.e. non-compatible with the current version) release.
Of course you can use XYZABC directly, you just need to switch the input of the component via right-clicking. I've attached a screenshot!

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I thought that must already be a feature, brilliant. Thanks Johannes.