Movement Type of Importing G-code

Started by ziqiuhuang, August 09, 2023, 06:33:02 AM

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Hi, Johannes,
Now I can import G-code for 3D printing. But it is limited to some simply line style patterns.
If I want to print some curve using robot, some problems may happen because of all the commands generated from G-code Import module is "LINear movement".
I wonder other movement form can be used to optimize G-code command.
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Hi, friends,
I have tried to use "extract command" battery. In this way, I can extract every plane of point to connect with SpLine/PTP/CIRcular movement and change the speed of each point.
I think it is a way to change motion mode in kuka|prc. But I haven't test its practical performance in 3D-printing or other task.
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Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

You really need to try that out at the robot. In general the iiwa is not a great robot for CAM-related processes, for example we had some weird stops in complex toolpaths that happened with some movements and not with others. Also, the motion blending by distance has to be set pretty high to work, which can also cause problems in regards to accuracy.
So there is no rule of thumb, you will need to try out your particular application and see what works best.


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