Scripting Toolpaths in C#

Started by brembl, August 18, 2023, 12:10:57 PM

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even though it might be kind of bending the rules, I wanted to ask if there is a straightforward way to create PRC commands with C#.

I have the KUKAprcLibrary.dll included in my script, but I'm realizing there are some adaptions that need to be done (plane conversion into the prc-specific plane type for example). Thus, before I dive into it and McGuyver some sort of solution, I wanted to make sure there are no more conventient, "API-ish" methods for some basic functions like these.

I can totally understand if this is not a use case you necessarily want to support and thus encourage, but I thought why not ask :)

Thank you!


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Luis,

We did not really optimize the code in order to be readable for external users, so take that under consideration.
That being said, attached is an example how you can write your own LIN movements, the other types work similarly enough. I would recommend going through the KUKAprcLibrary.dll rather than the more abstract KUKAprcCore.dll (where the classes are originally located).