Robot moving on X,Y right by on Z it's goes way lower than it's should

Started by patchara, June 14, 2024, 05:36:45 AM

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I'm using the Quantec-2series  KR 120 R2700-2/FLR   robot

I did some test by just drawing a simple curve
From my simulation its work fine but when i use that to move the robot the X,Y is kinda on the right spot but on Z value the robot goes way lower than it should.

I did calibrate the tool, I didn't have any base setup(I just draw a curve on the front of the robot)

  I'm not sure what happen? any suggestion?

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


Depending on the version, KUKA|prc may default to base 6, so I would double-check if base 0 is selected, as you don't want to use a base. Also the orientation of the tool might be wrong with it coming in from below, so please also double-check that the tool values (number plus XYZABC) are (close to) identical.

Or if your robot is on a rail, the Z=0 might be on the floor, rather than on the bottom of the robot.