kuka prc simulation don't match my code

Started by luis.hernandezv, June 25, 2024, 08:02:17 PM

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Hello there,
after a long period of time i was looking to using a turn table that we bought from a kuka distribuitor but it's not a kp1 v500 so instead i just used a custom turntable component on PRC. however the simulation from GH definition will not match the actual point that is uploading as a SRC.
i've been looking throug karl singline's tutorials on turntable settings but in his videos. the definition was a spiral contouring the bust of beethoven. this definition also wouldn't work for me beacause the robot would try to reach each individual point instead of letting the E1 turn the base. basically the robot would spin around clockwise and the turntable counterclock wise all through the code.
so i decided to try something a bit diferent. the attached file is a zig-zag definition on one face of the object so it would "atack" just 180┬░ aproximatly from the front.
i do not know if i'm explaining myself but i attached the files aswell as my $machine.dat and config.dat as i suspect there is something wrong with my workvisual project as well.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Before we go into any KUKA|prc details, please ensure that the turntable is correctly set up. To do so, calibrate an Offset Base with three points, enter a Cartesian movement mode, and jog the E1. If the robot moves along with the turntable (keeping its position in relation to it), we can proceed to KUKA|prc.
In your problem description with the bust, it's unclear what the problem is to me. Could you please provide some more details?