Advice Transitioning from Robotics to Software Development

Started by jessekauppila, July 17, 2024, 01:10:42 AM

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I have 8 years experience now in programming robots in a variety of applications from milling stone and foam to polishing steel to laying up composites in the aerospace industry.

At my last position at the aerospace startup Joby Aviation I got into into software development creating productivity software as we moved into manufacturing.

I'd love to move into more software development work and it makes the most sense to me, to do that work with the design and robotics skills I already have.

If any one has any advice or job leads in making that transition please share!

Best, Jesse

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Jesse,

From my perspective, I obviously love the software development aspects of robotics. However, developing a "universal" software as we're doing is tricky business-wise because the money lies in the applications. So my recommendation would be to develop tools that solve specific issues in specific industries and can therefore be sold for a lot of money.
Ideally, that would be for an industry that is relevant where you are living so that you can be there on-site, as for remote jobs, you are often compared with companies working out of low-wage countries.
Again, that is just the limited perspective from me and the people in my bubble.