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We are honored to invite you to the International conference on Improving Sustainability Concept in Developing Countries which will be held in Conrad Cairo Hotel in the time period of 2nd to 4th of December 2015 and will be discussing the following:

Improving sustainability concept in developing countries conference, organized by IEREK, is considered as the first step in spreading science and knowledge through this organization. 
Sustainability Concept's main goal is to enhance and spread the role of sustainable architecture in improving the quality of built environment in developing countries by:
•   Saving energy
•   Using renewable energy
•   Using efficient sustainable building materials
•   Other aspects that achieve the environmental efficiency.
In addition, the conference emphasizes also using energy performance simulation in:
•   The design process of sustainable architecture
•   Using simulation tools facilitates achieving accurate Innovative results for studying energy consumption in buildings for both new and existing buildings as well.
This Conference target is to exchange knowledge and experience between:
•   Architects
•   Scientists
•   Engineers
•   environment experts
•   students
•   stake holders
In order to:
•   Evolve our built environment
•   Innovate new approaches that contribute in improving sustainability in developing communities.

Please send your information with the abstract attached to:

For more information and registering:

Contact us:
Name: Yasmin Reda

Call us:
+2 03 5539311 
+2 01013001197
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