Advantage of Rhino+KukaPrc over Delcam

Started by Mavrick, July 07, 2015, 07:35:46 AM

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Hi Everyone,
I gone through KUKA|PRC and also have some competitive software like Delcam,
So anyone have idea what is the advantage of  using Rhino+KukaPrc  over Delcam


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Mavrick,

I wouldn't call Delcam and KUKA|prc "competitive software" - with Delcam you can do milling etc., while you can use KUKA|prc to do nearly anything - take a look what e.g. Artis Engineering is doing in Berlin:
So for milling it definitely makes sense to use specialized software like Delcam, MasterCAM/RobotMaster, etc.!
You can of course still do milling with KUKA|prc quite nicely, either by programming your toolpath-strategies yourself or by importing G-Code, e.g. from SprutCAM. We recently added a functionality to output positions in a format that can be read by KUKA CAM.Rob for very large filesizes.

So to sum it all up:
Delcam = specialized milling software
KUKA|prc = general parametric robot control software (but can also do milling)

All the best,
Johannes @ Robots in Architecture