Varying speeds

Started by Alexander Nikolas Walzer, August 04, 2015, 06:20:00 AM

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Alexander Nikolas Walzer

Dear Robotlovers,

Firstly, nice to meet you! This is my first post here  ;D
I have been working with different softwares for now, some make it more easy to control / vary the speeds along a path.
I was wondering if this can be approached with a certain number of controll points / planes or if there is another way of varying the speeds withouth having to split the path into dozens of segments and merging it with specific speeds assigned to each fragment?

All the best from Australia,

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Alex,

Well, the usual way is to split the path into several segments as you mentioned - any particular reason why you want to avoid that?
It should be possible to adjust the speed while a program is running, e.g. via an analogue input if that is what you're after! If I remember correctly, $OV_PRO is the variable that controls the override speed (in percent, like you set it at the control panel)!

All the best,