Robot-Tool and Robot-Robot collision check ?

Started by Alexander Nikolas Walzer, August 04, 2015, 08:47:19 AM

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Alexander Nikolas Walzer

Hi guys!

Second topic, sorry  :P

I was wondering.. Custom Tool lets you preview any mesh tool and clicking the component of course gives you options of numerically inputing the tool dimensions and simulate the path but it doesn't give you any feedback about collision from tool and robot, right?
Also it would be nice to have a Robot&tool-Robot&tool collision check for multirobot setups! :)
This would save time in longer paths.

Any workaround?

Gday from Melbourne,

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Alex,

Well, proper multi-robot support is hopefully incoming - I'm working with the RMIT guys and FabUnion on finding a nice solution.
I just checked again and robot|tool collisions seem to be working (see attached image). For a multirobot setup you would currently have to take the GEO output of the core component and then look for intersections/collisions, e.g. using the Collision One/Many component or the Mesh Intersection.

Hope that helps,