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Started by jacksonbewley, September 13, 2013, 03:46:33 AM

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I can't quite figure out what the Spline command component is asking for as inputs to Guide, Orient, and Base.

I thought it was asking for an origin, + x, and + y point to define a plane.  I am plugging in a long series of points which I assumed would be interpolated as a spline by the component.  Whenever I plug things into all three inputs, my computer crashes and needs to be rebooted.

I have 8gb ram and an i7 pentium processor so I do not think it's a hardware issue.

Any advice would be welcome. 

Thanks for your time, I'm a student at UVa and we're discovering our new Kuka as we go this semester.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Jackson,

You're right, there was a problem with the Spline command - it was generating code, but the visualization made issues with the previous member version. If you go into the Member Section, I've uploaded a new version of KUKA|prc dated today. There is still one remaining issue with the smooth simulation (jumps back to the start point) which I'll hopefully have the time to solve over the weekend. Attached to this post is a GH file that shows you how to use the Spline component - once the remaining issues are solved I'll upload a full example into the Tutorial section.

Regarding the crash: That is strange, I've crashed Rhino and Grasshopper in all imaginable ways while working on KUKA|prc but never had a crash that forced me to reboot, at most Rhino just quit and asked me to send an error report.

And one more thing: The main advantage of the Spline command is that you need relatively few points to define a complex curve that the robot can follow quite quickly. A long series of  points may negate the advantages.

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