Setting X11 up for use with KUKAprc

Started by claursen, November 26, 2015, 10:12:04 AM

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We're in the process of setting up our KUKAprc environment on our KR6 r700 sixx robot. It is possible to run KUKAprc .src files in the IBN mode, however, how does one wire the KR C4 Compact X11 for standalone/research purposes? (To prevent errors such as external emergency stop etc.)

I've attached an image of the X11 connector (three rows as opposed to the KR C1 4 rows wiring connector)

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Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Christian,

IBN mode is basically the same as T1, so you always have to keep the confirmation key on the back pressed.
There should be a printout with all the wiring diagrams included with your robot. In 99% of cases you can also just rely on the generic wiring in the PDF for your controller. I've attached it to this post, refer to page 54. You have to bridge E-Stop External Channel A (pin 2) with Test Output A (pin 1), E-Stop External Channel B (pin 11) with Test Output B (pin 10), etc. Just be aware that running a robot without proper safety is dangerous and of course not recommended.

I can issue you a trial version of the new KUKA|prc as I believe that the R700 version of the Agilus is not included in the public trial version. Send me an eMail to