Collision check not working

Started by Xylotica, October 13, 2015, 11:16:53 PM

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Hi !

I am fooling around with a milling definition here, and I thought I'd make a mesh out of the surface I'm supposed to follow and use that mesh as a collision reference.
It turns out the collision check does not detect a particular moment where the robot's wrist hits the surface.

I tried also by making a mesh from the surface in Rhino and referencing it in GH.
Then I thought maybe the mesh had to be a closed volume, but this didn't work either.

What button did I forget to press this time ?


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


Hmm... My best guess would be that the collision occurs "between" movements, as KUKA|prc only checks at the given positions but not inbetween (as this would potentially need a huge amount of memory and computation time).
You can try to enable the LIN interpolation in the KUKA|prc settings so the collision should show up in the Analysis view. If the problem persists please send me the file via eMail so that I can take a look at it!