KUKA PRC and Stäubli RX170HP 6-Axis

Started by kerber.g, January 25, 2016, 09:34:47 PM

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Hello Forum, is it possible that the PRC would work with a Stäubli RX170HP 6-Axis? Thanks!

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


Hmm... Not that easily. With the new member version you can get the toolpath in XML format (intended to be used with the iiwa). I guess you could try to parse that data and create Stäubli-compatible code. That being said, it would involve quite a lot of work and will not be an easy thing to achieve. To be honest I haven't worked with Stäubli robots in-depth, so if you want to you can send me a simple code example (just a few linear movements or so) and I can give you my best guess if it is easy to convert!



I imagined that was the case... Thank you! the search for my KUKA continues then.


Hi kerber,
for generate staubli code you could try to get in touch with sci-arc, they have staubli robots and they developp a plugin for grasshopper (CRane grasshopper components have been created by brian harms)

you could retrieve the benchmark of several robot control plugin that i have done here : http://www.grasshopper3d.com/profiles/blog/list?user=3mqq7l81zfnui

Hope that help