external axis - withiut effect on the simulation ?

Started by ludo, March 02, 2016, 07:48:06 PM

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What is the purpose of this component ?
For example i would like to command a servo at a specific moment (or position or what else) like in the robot arch 2014 workshop - Superflex.
How can i use this command ? to control the servo ? does the infos go trough the plc or there is some wioring between the krc4 and the servo in order to conect the External axis.


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Ludo,

You are correct - you can buy KUKA motors and use them basically for everything, from obvious things like turntables to custom machines like Wes' rod bending setup.
You need to use KUKA motors that are attached through a power-pack of the appropriate size. From my experience used KRC2 components are rather cheap, while for KRC4 it gets quite expensive (a couple thousand Euros for the powerpack).