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Johannes @ Robots in Architecture:
In order to see the member section, you have to be tagged as a member. If you or your institution are members of the Association for Robots in Architecture, please register at the forum and send an eMail with your chosen username to
We will then add you to the Member group!

Thank you!


Steve Rosewell:
HI Johannes

I thought i was set up as member and could not find the link to the new version anywhere.
So my user name is tag me please, for some reason the linked app you sent says its corrupted?



I am Daniel Kiskery from FablabBudapest a colleague of David Pap. Somehow we cant find the download link for the kuka prc on the forums. Maybe its a membership problem? Our user id is
Thank you.

Kind regards

Hi Johannes,
My name is David Cohen and my username is Dscfab please unlock the user section for me.


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