How do you handle tool offset in KUKAprc v2

Started by mra4, April 05, 2016, 04:04:33 PM

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I'm interested how you handle the change of the tool geometry position. I prefer how it had to be done in KUKAprc v1: Tool center point at the origin of Rhino and tool direction along x-axis (see Johannes post,115.0.html).
In version 2, as I understand, you have to place the surface of the tool, that is mounted on the robot flange, on the XY-Plane. The center of the flange at the origin.
I already discussed it from Johannes Braumann. I understand that the new approach might looks easier.
But for me, a robot programmer, the approach of version1 is clearer. I do prototyping with our students and they often must built their tools on their own. Mostly the CAD drawing comes after the tool. After that I measure the TCP with the routine on the robot. This should be accurate and I like to use it as reference. So I startet to put the TCP on the orogin again an to rotate and move it according to the measured tool data inside grasshopper. But it feels like a aorkaround and I have to insert tool data at two places (KUKAprc custom tool settings and my grasshopper block). I also had to add 180° to the A rotation value I cannot explain to myself at the moment...
Do you have a better/shorter/smarter/other way?

If I could wish, I would like to have XYZABC-values of the tool cordinate system as input or ooutput of the KUKAprc custom tool function, so I could reuse them.
Anyway, it's a great tool!

Thanks for your suggestions,

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Stefan,

Internally the new KUKA|prc works as before, so it wouldn't be a problem to provide you with an extra component if you miss it so much ;)
I'm just a bit swamped with work at the moment, could you send me a reminder in 1-2 weeks or so?



Hi Johannes,

yeah, sorry i miss it... But no hurry or even matter. Just wanted to hear how the others do it. Maybe I'm on the wrong track.
Also was a good recapitulationhow the KUKA control handles the rotation and displacement of tool coordinates.

Have a nice evening,


I have to correct myself a little. I don't miss it (I often don't even do a modell of the tool, tool coordinate cross is mostly enough), i just fitted my workflow better. the reason to ask in public additionally to our mail conversation is, that I'm not very used to grasshopper. I just wantd to hear how others do. Perhaps theres a very elegant solution for the conversation between version 1 and 2 input out there. I'm also interrested in strategies for version 2.