Syncing LIN and PTP movement speed

Started by jbledsoe2, April 04, 2016, 06:46:58 PM

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I have both LIN and PTP movement commands in my code (for hot wire cutting). If I know the PTP speed that I need to use, is there any way to find/approximate the equivalent LIN movement speed? Other than doing trial and error and testing different LIN speeds..?

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


The problem here is that - ideally - the programmed speed of LIN movements is the same across all robots, while the PTP speed depends on the motors in the robot - i.e. you may have a robot that is externally identical, but with different payloads, and due to the different motors the PTP speed will be different. Also, the robot will not always reach the programmed LIN speed due to e.g. singularities.

In general, when using wirecutting I would rather use LIN movements than PTP movements anyway. You can set the movement interpolation (right-click on the component) to C_VEL, so the motion blending tries to keep the speed steady. And of course try to keep the robot far way from singularity positions, in your case you probably want to minimize the time when A5 approaches 0.

And of course the speed between T1 and T2/AUT mode will be very different!

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture