Initial posture issue

Started by francis, April 26, 2016, 07:25:57 PM

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Hi Johannes
I'm currently working with your pick and place example
For some reason changing the initial posture has no effect on the robot, while it works well with the other example files
Why this problem with this specific file ??

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Francis,
The initial posture only affects the very first position. Let's say you've got a series of LIN positions, then KUKA|prc will automatically generate a PTP movement at the first LIN position with the status taken from the menu.
However, in that example the first movement already is a PTP movement, with a given status (default 010). Therefore, the initial posture has got no effect.
Hope that helps!


yes it helps Johannes !
I understand now why the status option on the setting panel and the status/turn option on the PTP component
Thanks again