Reset axis values for continuous circular movement

Started by +lab, September 08, 2016, 11:33:13 AM

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I'm trying to describe a continuous circular movement with the tool rotated in a certain way that it always follows the tangents of the curve at the point constructing the LIN movement.
That causes an endless rotation on axis 4.

Since one revolution is doable I was thinking to "reset" the values of the axis as they started, but I've no idea on how to achieve that.


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


As per your simulation you are using an Agilus, which cannot rotate A4 infinitely. You can reset the axis by using a PTP movement with not just STATUS, but also TURN, separated by a space, e.g. 010 1100100. Refer to e.g. page 63 of the KUKA Expert Programming Manual. I would get the current axis values from the simulation where you want to "reset" the A4. Then turn the values into 0 and 1 depending if they are >= 0 or not and switch the value for A4. Note the order, according to the manual.
Also note that this is a PTP movement, so robot's tooltip won't stay at the position. Depending on what you are doing it may make sense to move to a safe position before.