E1 Axis velocity not programmed

Started by hujin9190, November 03, 2016, 03:31:39 AM

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I have a kuka KRC4  KR10 robot. I use POWERMILL to get the program of that robot. Simulation is fine. However, when I put this program in my robot. It tells me E1 Axis velocity not programmed, so the program is not executed. Everything is fine on my robot. I can even run HOMEME program.
Is there any ones who meet the same trouble? I would very appreciate if you can tell me how to solve it.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

For PowerMill support you would have to get in touch with Autodesk or whoever sold you the software.
I have attached a quick file generated in KUKA|prc that has the robot move along a simple curve, with tool and base 0. That file should definitely run on your robot - if it is causing the same error message then there is an issue with your robot's configuration.
Of course I do not know how your robot is mounted etc., so execute the file at your own risk and only slowly in T1.


Hi, Johannes,

Thank you so much!!! I really appreciate that.
By comparing program of you and me, I did initialize the axis. I mean the line "BAS (#INITMOV,0 )" is missing in my program. Therefore, my robot tells me E1 axis velocity not programmed. When I add this line above, the program works well.
I also put the original wrong program above, just in case of anybody facing the same question.

Thank you again!


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Great to hear that you were able to figure it out, and thanks for sharing the solution to your problem!


Hello amazing set up!

I had a couple of questions about it:
Did you integrate it yourself or who did?
Are you using KukaCnc or CamRob or something else to run the Powermill files?
What's the spindle and what are you milling?

In general how's it going.  It is, as Johannes mentioned, a very impressive set up!