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Robotics/CAM post-doc in a disruptive boatbuilding startup
« on: January 03, 2017, 12:54:18 PM »

Robotics/CAM post-doc in a disruptive boatbuilding startup
Location: Martinique (highly developed French Caribbean island)

Cocoon Cruisers is a startup around a next-generation liveaboard motorsailer design and its robotic manufacturing process. Please have a look at for context, spirit and practical details.

We have ambitious plans for a flexible and moldless small-series hull manufacturing method. It would allow to build strong and differentiated sandwich composites, also integrating a few functional features. The toolchain and workflow need to be set up, path generation will be challenging, custom tools will be developed and integrated, and nasty calibration/compensation issues are expected in such a large rig.

We're looking for a versatile team player with former hands-on robotics experience, some familiarity with Python,  C#, tools like Rhino3d, Grasshopper, HAL and a background in one of the many relevant fields: design, engineering, architecture, computer science, math, physics... Written communication and all documentation shall be in english, oral language may be whatever fits the situation. We’re trying to set up a diverse international team, and aim for parity.

On a sidenote for candidates interested in hydrodynamics or HPC, there will also be substantial hacking on the CFD side of the project (Partnership with TUHH Hamburg around their Fresco+ and ELBE codes: ).

Embracing complexity is vital in this project: The tension between hands-on work and conceptualization will be a constant. The integration of innovations in several fields leads to an explosive cocktail of potentials and pitfalls, so up-front planning won’t take us far. We’ll have to find ways to simulate a lot and iterate quickly, often working on processes rather than towards one-off solutions. The loosely related work of your colleagues will require a lot of attention. Funding beyond the current 2-year horizon needs to be secured, so the shape of the company will vary according to opportunities. Even off the job you’ll be in unknown territory: ‘french island’ doesn’t mean european culture, and there are as many nations as islands in the vicinity.

NOTE: Due to subsidy scheme constraints, this is only for PHD’s, as their first permanent job after graduation  ! (Former temporary employment like in most post-doc positions, or unrelated day jobs, even permanent, are not a problem.)

Please apply via the (minimalistic) contact form on