Homebrew 6 axis controller

Started by happytriger2000, November 06, 2013, 06:27:38 PM

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Once I finish demonstrate 8 axis Milling with RM, my next task is to build my own controller for 6 axis robot. Currently available controller for homebrew are MAch3, EMC2, and LNC 6 axis controller, till then I might need PRC's help for post-processor and maybe build a homebrew robot as well, so what do you think?

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


Hmmm... That would definitely be interesting, though I do not really have any experience with custom controllers. The problems are most likely in the details, e.g. getting all axes to move perfectly in synch so that you can achieve straight toolpaths.
Keep us updated!



LNC controller is for sure do-able, is designed for 6 axis Robot for lower price, where as Mach3 and EMC2, I know EMC2 is capable of doing it look at this:
http://youtu.be/O2oaBtkpNpE, and so far I haven't seen anyone using Mach3 for robot yet.