Video Tutorial - Pick & Place Part 1

Started by singline, February 09, 2017, 02:47:52 PM

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In this robotics tutorial I go through the basics of setting up a simple pick and place command script for a KUKA robot.

Tutorial here:



I've been following your tutorials and think they're great. I successfully followed the draw/engrave tutorial and was able to replicate what you had done and then change the parameters to suit the robot I am working with (KR6 r900). However when I follow this tutorial (pick and place prt 1) my simulation robot does not generate and I can't test/simulate the script. I have tested to ensure the prc is still working in the grasshopper document from the drawing tutorial and it is.
I am new to grasshopper though I could be missing something.
Any ideas why this might be happening and how to troubleshoot?
I'm using Rhino 6 and KUKA|prc (TRIAL)

Any help you can give with this would be much appreciated.


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


I'm not the creator of the tutorial, but it does seem more like a technical issue.
When you say that your simulation does not "generate", do you mean that it does not create the *.src file, or that there is no robot?
Do you get any error message? These are the small message balloons in the upper corner of the component, you can left-click them.



Hi Cian,

Really glad you find the video tutorials helpful.

Would you be able to upload your gh and 3dm (if you're referencing any data from rhino) so I can have a quick look?


Lucky, I found this tutorial video. This is my first time participating in a forum full of novelty and robotics techniques