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Started by Johannes @ Robots in Architecture, April 29, 2016, 04:09:36 PM

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Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Custom Robot
Requirements: Rhinoceros 5, Grasshopper 0.9.0076, KUKA|prc V2

Defining a custom robot from CAD data. Note that we integrate new robots and external axes for free for our members.


Nicholas Ziglio

Thanks for this example Johannes, very useful. I'm planning to cover this in the next user guide update :)

However the files seem to be outdated or at least something went wrong when opening it as I was getting an unrecognized object error for the custom robot which was missing.

I have fixed this on my machine at least and am uploading an updated version.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Thank you, Nicholas!

I've also updated the GH file now, thanks for pointing that out.
Also, I've set your member status, not sure why you didn't have access yet.


Nicholas Ziglio

Hi Johannes,

I have just spent a good number of hours making an example of creating a KR 8 R2100 arc HW custom robot for the user guide.

I have downloaded the cad files and the datasheet from the KUKA Download Center, everything went smoothly until I tried to rotate axis 5 which seems to have a different layout from what is written in the datasheet.

The datasheet says 854.5, if I correctly understand.

This is obviously wrong.

however it seems to rotate correctly when I use 935. Am I missing something here?

Link to cad file used: https://www.kuka.com/event/media?itemId=698905A2591A453884717556A8C15D38
Link to datasheet used: https://www.kuka.com/event/media?itemId=07A1CEB8560D4848A8BF58779DB93EA5

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Nicholas,

I'm pretty sure that the measurements are wrong, as also the distance between A5 and the flange is not 160.5mm. My guess is that the total distance of 854.5mm plus 160.5mm is right, but the split in the middle was somehow set wrong. Looks like they snapped to the wrong cylindrical element, if you look at the CAD data.


Nicholas Ziglio

Thank you Johannes!
That makes more sense.
I'll try to contact KUKA to get them to fix that. It's a bit annoying to put in the user guide that KUKA's datasheet is wrong  ;D ;)

I'll look into the 160.5 measurement too.