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Started by EBesler, February 14, 2014, 08:10:17 PM

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I'm having trouble eliminating or setting the Start/End Position for the Robot.
Ideally this would just be the Start/End points for my toolpath but there seems to be an Advanced Setting in KUKA Prc Core to set custom Start/End values.  I tried setting them to be the same as the values coming out of the Analysis for the joint axis positions but they dont seem to be the same thing.
Is there a way to override or eliminate this from the output file?  To simplify things I dont want the robot to go "Home" before or after it completes the tool path.  Id like to control all the robots moves directly in the tool path.

I am using LIN Move Component.


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


The Start and End position refers to the "absolute" start/end position, i.e. from where a robots starts a SRC file and where it ends. You can choose to end with a HALT position instead if you e.g. want to end with the last LINear movement command.

If you are using the most recent member version, the start and end simulation is simulated in the regular robot simulation. In the trial version, you have to enable smooth simulation and add a slider to the smooth simulation input to see the first and last position.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you've got any further questions or need an example file.