Fixed (Stationary) Tool Setup

Started by akudless, February 14, 2017, 09:42:46 PM

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Does anyone have an example of how to setup a fixed tool using PRC? I know how to calibrate the fixed tool but am having trouble visualizing how to setup the workflow in Kuka PRC. The application is a fixed hotwire cutter with the robot holding the workpiece to be cut.



Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Andrew,

I quickly adapted an old example from our ACADIA 2014 workshop, you can download it from below.
Due to the X-axis being used as the tool axis in KUKA|prc, it needs 90/90/90 as the ABC values of the tool - sorry for that.



Hi Akudless and Johannes,
I'm trying to build a project in grasshopper where i'm using a circular saw table to etch a picture made of segment lines according to cut depths on a thick wooden sheet attached on the robot as end effector.

it's based on changing coordinate systems of the cutting planes with translations and rotation matrices, the main blocks are written in C# applied to Rhino geometries methods, i'm not that expert in grasshopper, but the simulations apparently seem confirming the code.
I think it's a matter of what you need to process and the related transformation maths, probably it's easier to implement just using grasshopper blocks for experienced users.

I haven't tried it yet on a real robot, but I hope to do it soon, my only concerns are about some functions for choosing a proper sheet orientation.
I'm gonna share updates as soon as I try ;)

stay tuned

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Gianmarco,

That sounds exciting, keep us updated - and put something between yourself and the circular saw, OK? ;)
Or first test it without a saw blade mounted!