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Started by Woodboss, April 24, 2017, 09:34:52 AM

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I've just started my first project with Grasshopper and KukaPRC and have a few questions:

1) The robot skips the last cut (outward) of the path. How can I close the path to fix this?
2} Is there a way to rotate the points on a circle circumference? For example if wanted to make the start shape regular rather than having radial lines on one side of the points.
3) What do the dotted links in grasshopper indicate?
4) My GH seems to work ok, but any comments would be appreciated!

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


1. The easiest thing - if you don't want to change the structure how the star is made of - is simply to take the first position and repeat it after the last. See the attached file.
2. I don't quite get the question, couldn't you just use the Rotate component?
3. Dotted lines in Grasshopper indicate that there is a structure inside. If there is a single line, there is one object, e.g. one line, if there are double-lines, there is a list, e.g. ten lines, and the dashed line means that there are multiple lists, e.g. one list with 2 lines, another list with 8 lines, and one with 4 lines. Flattening a list removes the structure and puts all the objects into a single list, in that example with 14 lines. Note that if you provide movement commands with a structure to the Core component, you will get a robot for each list - so flattening the input is usually the right thing to do.

One more remark: By default, KUKA|prc enables the approximation of toolpaths - i.e. the robot will slightly smoothen the path, in order to achieve a more even movement. In your case, if you want to exactly hit the points of the star, you need to disable movement interpolation by right-clicking e.g. the LIN component. Note that the tool will then briefly stop, which may be an issue when you're milling.




Hi Woodboss,

2) perhaps you are looking for the Rad(ial)Grid component (Vector - Grid - Radial? Arranges points circular, so you don't have to draw circles and divide it.



Thanks for your help Johannes and Stefan.
I've now realised that just about everything was wrong in that first effort!
With a restart from scratch I now have a far better and tidier script, and it runs on the robot.
It will be tidier again if I use the radial grid component.
So many cool components waiting to be discovered in KukaPRC!

Steep learning curve for me here.