Work Holding for Foam and Timber

Started by corey, October 05, 2017, 05:46:53 AM

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Hello, Just wondering how other people usually hold their foam and timber when milling with a robot?

We discovered if we clamp material down, the clamp will create a lot of interference, but if we simply fix from the bottom with screws, they will move laterally (especially with foam).

Does anyone have a general solution for most of the material or it's a case by case issue that every time we do something different we have to think of a unique work holding solution?

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Vacuum tables are awesome, and can be as simple as a vacuum pump and loose rubber tubing on the edge of your workpiece.
And of course double-sided tape, the one with fabric reinforcement - though that won't solve the issue with lateral movement.
Finally for foam there are needle grippers, which are pretty nice, too!



Thank you Johannes! You are the best! I will try designing a rig for max flexibility!