KUKAprc collision checking not working

Started by jschmidt, December 04, 2017, 08:57:20 PM

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I am working with a KRC2 and using Grasshopper KUKAprc to generate the code.

I am trying to mill a foam shape, and when wiring in a box mesh (simulates the table the foam stock is sitting on) to the "collision" input in the CORE,  the simulation still shows the spindle tool running into the mesh box. Is there a simple answer as to why this is?

Jpeg, rhino and gh files attached.

Thank you!

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


Please note that KUKA|prc is doing collision detection and not collision avoidance. The problem with avoidance is that it is highly application-dependent. In some cases like milling it might be possible to simply tilt the tool, in other cases tilting a gripper might be the completely wrong thing to do. If you want to do avoidance yourself, the easiest way is that you do an initial simulation that outputs which positions are causing collisions through the (member-only) Analysis component, and then you create your own algorithm on how to deal with it, e.g. tilting a plane, removing the position altogether etc.

Hope that helps!