Optimising process sequence

Started by Woodboss, December 11, 2017, 10:23:11 AM

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I have a project which includes a large number of discreet cutting or similar operations to perform on pieces of material.
Grasshopper calculates the cutting list and outputs it in a seemingly random sequence which has the robot jumping around all over the place.
Can I sort the list such that the cutting sequence is less random?
Perhaps in ascending X & Y coordinate values of the approach moves?

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


There are more or less complex sorting algorithms and I'm pretty sure some component should exist for that. Attached is a very simple optimization strategy that simply creates a zig-zag polyline all over the working area and then sorts the individual curves according to the parameter of their closest point on the zig-zag curve.
It's quite straightforward and here it optimized the toolpath from 42m down to 19m.