KRC2 Cross3 start up program unable to start

Started by jschmidt, January 21, 2018, 08:20:53 PM

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Upon start up of the Cross3 start up program for my KRC2, I get an error message that says "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down" (picture 1 attached). I've also attached the "Details>>" page, which says that "Cross3 caused an invalid page fault..." (picture 2 attached).

Has anyone encountered this when working with a KRC2?

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hmm... Never had that happen, it looks rather serious, I would probably call the KUKA hotline for advice, maybe there is an easy fix. If you or one of your colleagues/students speaks German, consider calling the German hotline, it's free during German office hours:
If they don't have any advice beyond getting a service technician, I would make an image of your HDD (just in case) and if available load an older image or just re-install the KUKA software.


d2b Design

Hi jschmidt,

We had a the same issue with our KRC2 controller, and were able to fix it by changing the date in the Windows OS. Go to Windows > Control Panel > Date and Time and see if the date seems strange (ours was set to 2099). We also deleted the .freeze file in our krc:/bin folder, as suggested by this post:

We think we got the error due to low battery voltage. To check this, make sure the KCP stays on while the controller shuts down.

Good luck!

- Dante


Been encountering the same freeze -> crash error, were you able to get it fixed? Any possible solution guys?

James Pandit
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Hello @jamespandit:

Sorry for the delay here, didn't realize that you had commented.
I've gotten this Cross3 error a few more times since this post, and most of the time the fix is:
(1) reset BIOS settings to "KUKA Default" values (2) replace the CMOS battery in the Motherboard of the PC of the Controller

To reset the BIOS, power down the controller and then turn it back on.
- As soon as the first black screen appears, there will be a message that says "hit DEL to run set up". This is the black screen that pops up before Windows starts. Hit the "DELETE" button as instructed. This will take you to the BIOS menu.
- Once you're in the BIOS menu - and the structure of the BIOS set up varies between hard drives - go to DEFAULT > KUKA > LOAD KUKA DEFAULT VALUES? > YES.
- To exit BIOS and resume boot up hit ESC > SAVE CHANGES AND EXIT > ENTER

Hopefully this helps! Feel free to private message me with further questions so that I'm notified of your response.