converting E6POS (with Tool) to gh_plane

Started by New-Territories, January 24, 2018, 12:19:09 PM

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The question is a bit PRC-adjacent,
but how would I go about converting E6POS values (xyzabc) back to grasshopper planes,
given that base is default and I know the xyzabc values for the Tool in use...?

Struggling with the Euler angles, the addition of the tooling has especially confused me.
if the solution could be done completely in gh, all the better.

use-case being that I'm trying to extract a bunch of movements done on the robot, and reinsert them in to a larger piece of code via GH/kukaPRC)

Thanks for any help,

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


In the member version of PRC there is a component to import KRL code. It's rather simple and ideally used for code that was already generated in PRC, but you should be able to e.g. read in positions from *.dat files that you taught before.
Let me know if it works!