More evolved "Play/Pause" component please

Started by Xylotica, March 11, 2018, 06:43:32 PM

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I think that the "Play-Pause" component should have a more evolved UI which would include :
-A slider
-The Analysis graph
-A "speed" option to accelerate or display the kinematics in slow motion

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


That's a good idea, we could implement it into the main GUI as well.
It would have been a problem with the current version, but with the next I don't see any issues there.

Thanks for the input!


Hi Johannes,

Hmm... you are making me curious about that "next version" thing.
Big changes are coming ?

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

It kind of looks the same because we did not want to make any seriously "breaking" changes, but internally large parts are completely new and there are many changes in the usability details.
Most importantly it's nearly stand-alone, i.e. we can have the same logic working within not only Grasshopper, but also Dynamo, VVVV, Unity, MS Azure - just as examples. Only Dynamo is fully implemented so far, though.
And while it's an aesthetic detail, the robots look nicer now, with colors etc. See the attached KR1000 Titan.