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Example: Custom Turntable Strategy

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Johannes @ Robots in Architecture:
Custom Turntable Strategy
Requirements: Rhinoceros 5/6, Grasshopper 0.9.0076/1.0, KUKA|prc V2

You can set up entirely customizable turntable strategies. This is an example based on the thread at http://forum.robotsinarchitecture.org/index.php?topic=817
Note that using a mesh for extracting the normal vectors might lead to a "jittery" robot movement if the mesh is rather coarse.

Nicholas Ziglio:
Hi Johannes,

I am working on the Custom Turntable component (which seems to be updated from this example) for the user guide.
I am a bit confused with the base and table meshes where it seems to invert them. Is there a mixup in the inputs or am I doing something wrong?
Here is a video: https://youtu.be/03T-JB4rT2g

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture:
Hello Nicholas,

If you opened an old file, try putting in the component again. Sometimes Grasshopper keeps the old labels, even if something new is now behind them.
Of course it might also be a bug, unfortunately I cannot check it myself until next week when I'm back in the office.


Nicholas Ziglio:
Hi Johannes, I started the file from scratch in the example I'm talking about.
Sure, we can look into it when you get back :) all the best!

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture:
Great, let's do that!



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