HandGuiding for KUKA iiwa

Started by WalterPintor, August 04, 2016, 03:56:15 AM

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Hello guys,

I am quite new to the light robots family of KUKA. Currently I have a 7kg payload KUKA iiwa robot, and I am trying to figure out how to activate the handguiding function.

I have seen that I have to mess with the X11 port  ;D but I am not so sure what is required. Also, I don't know what ESM means.

Any comment or support is well received. 8)

Best regards,

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Walter,

That is actually quite straightforward, refer also to section 14.7 in the Sunrise OS manual.


ESM are basically sets of safety rules that you set in the SafetyConfiguration of the Sunrise Workbench. For handguiding you could create a custom ESM (it will show up next to the PSM), as the AMF choose "Hand guiding device enabling inactive" and as parameter choose a safe input for the 1st enabling switch - if you've got an iiwa with a touch flange, go for that one., otherwise you will have to use one of the safe inputs. As the reaction, go for a Stop 1.
You can enable e.g. ESM 1 with lbr.setESMState("1"); - do that before the handguiding command.

Finally execute the program in AUT, the robot will stop at the handguiding command. Now keep the enabling switch pressed and press the green arrow start key to start the handguiding. Once you release the enabling switch, the handguiding will terminate, i.e. the robot will continue with the next command. So be careful that you don't get hit by the machine.

I usually have a second ESM with collision control at 15Nm or so that I activate immediately after the handguiding. For collision control you need the relevant safety options, which are not included by default.


Mohammad SAFEEA


You can use the hand-guiding in the Kuka Sunrise Toolbox, in such a case, you do not need to press a button to activate the hand-guiding.