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Plasma cutting auto Z control
« on: October 15, 2018, 01:30:47 AM »
I'm aiming to set up for plasma cutting soon an will want to use an automatic Z height control.
Currently I am considering using an off the shelf Stepper operated Z slide linked to the robot via an Arduino.
The arc voltage will be monitored by an off the shelf controller which will send up/down commands to the Arduino which ih turn will send pulses to the Z stepper.
The Arduino will also control the plasma cutter.

Operation sequence will go something like this:
1. Robot places torch over start of cut and sends 'start cut' signal to Arduino
2. Arduino drops 'ok to move' signal from the robot, robot pauses
3. Arduino lowers the z-axis into the material until the touch sensor is activated.
4. Arduino z-axis DRO resets to zero and the Arduino raises z-axis to pierce height.
5. Arduino fires torch, operates pierce delay and the activates ATHC to regulate cut height.
6. Arduino resumes 'ok to move' signal to the robot which follows the intended cut path.
7. THC compensates for torch height during cut.
8. If arc fails during cut, THC will tell Arduino to drop 'ok to move' signal so the robot can pause while torch re-fires the arc.

I'm just wondering if anyone had already done this - or can see a flaw in my plan - before I get started.