Is there some tutorial of mxAutomation?

Started by lim_zhang, March 25, 2019, 09:47:26 AM

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i need to use realtime control of kuka,so need this kind mxAutomation tutorial.Thank you!

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


The setup is actually pretty straightforward as KUKA provides a test program. So you can follow the KUKA instructions for the test program and then just switch to KUKA|prc.
I can then provide you more information if e.g. the modes are a bit confusing. But beyond the buffer modes, everything more or less works like in regular KRL.
Let me know if you get stuck anywhere.



If things go well, I'll be back at KUKA next week to try and solve my issue with mxA. Can't promise anything, but I'd be keen to get an introductory tutorial out.