Is there a detailed workflow for KUKA|prc to generate KRL?

Started by Wang Cong, May 07, 2019, 04:18:18 AM

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Wang Cong

I have a problem with KUKA|prc about how to generate KRL or some file that can input my robot arm. I have read some tutorials in the forum, But I can't understand it very well. Actually, I'm not good at it, Can you give me some advice about how to master and learn KUKA|prc from the very beginning?

Thank you!

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


What exactly do you want to achieve? There are several tutorials on the forum and Karl Singline's excellent videos.
Basically the KRL file gets generated automatically in the background (if Code Generation is enabled and an output directory is set). If you want to generate it manually, right-click the Core component and choose the Expose Save Input option. You now get a text input for the file name and a Boolean input (attach the Button component) to save the file.