I found a strange thins on simulation....

Started by lim_zhang, May 09, 2019, 05:24:55 AM

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i add a Anglecommand and a series of linecommand to prcCore.
but when i simulation or real run the kuka,i found they are all strange:
when finished first Anglecommand,the kuka rotaion its A4 a large angle to run linecommands.it is not i want.
but if i delete the first Anglecommand,only remains the linecommands,all is OK.

but sometime i do really need anglecommand in front of a series of linecommand,how can i avoid A4 problem?
Thank you!

(attachment is the problem pictures and 3dm(rhino6) and gh file.)thank you for explain.....

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


I cannot open the RAR file, but believe that I understand the problem.
As per your previous question - https://forum.robotsinarchitecture.org/index.php/topic,962.0.html - KUKA|prc adds a PTP command to the first LIN to make it easier to get there.
If you have an axis movement first, that doesn't happen, so the robot goes from the Axis-position in a straight line to the LIN position, most likely through a singularity.
So you would need to manually add a PTP there for the first position.