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Started by Lior, September 21, 2016, 11:38:58 AM

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Hi there,
we will get our first Robot soon, it's a KR10 R1100. Right after delivery we will have to start working with it and we can't waste much time on the set-up. For a presentation we want to program it in a way that it moves along a spline in a smooth way.
We have Rhino, Grasshopper and the KUKA|PRC. Our main question is: What can we do with the robot and those three software components? Theoretically everything?
Is it enough to start working right away and to fulfill our desired task? Or is any other software (from KUKA or other sources) like mxAutomation needed?
If we don't use interfaces like mxAutomation or Ethernet XML, how do we communicate with the robot? Is there any technical documentation available?
Could you also give us some advice on the first steps of how to set up the robot / connect the robot and get it ready to work (from the hardware and software side)? We would like to understand as much as we can in the forefront of getting the robot.
Thank you so much!

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Lior,

You can get started right away. KUKA|prc generates a *.src file which you just have to copy onto the robot directory (R1/Program) and then select from the menu (take care to use "select" and not "open"). In order to see the USB drive, change the user group (Start-Up/Configuration/User-Group) to Expert, the default password is a robot manufacturer with four letters, starting with k.
In order to be able to move the robot, you will either have to connect the relevant safety equipment to the X11 plug, or directly connect the channels if you don't plan on using external safety. Alternatively go into the highest user group (same password) and enable the Start-Up Mode in the menu. You will only be able to move the robot in T1 mode, i.e. at reduced speed and constant pressing of the button on the back of the controller, in start-up mode.
There are quite a few things relating to the basic handling of a robot (e.g. pressing the button on the back of the controller to the first position in order to be able to move the robot) that are best explained on-site, so I would recommend getting someone with basic robot knowledge when you first boot up your robot. Also refer to that post regarding the tool and base calibration:,115.0.html
If you don't have them yet I can send you the standard user manuals as preparation!



Dear Johannes,

thanks a lot for your fast response, you've helped us a lot! It would be great if you could send us the user manuals.

Best regards

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

I've sent them to your eMail address!
Best, Johannes