External Axis Output

Started by tarlo, December 12, 2019, 05:49:02 AM

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Hi all,

We have a physical setup with 3 external axis: one vertical rotary axis (E1), one horizontal rotary axis (E2), one linear rail (E3).

We have some operations in KukaPRC that require dynamic movement along the linear axis, with no other external axis. Our external axis movement is coming through in the E1 axis, can we specify this movement to the E3 axis within the KukaPRC settings, rather than editing the KRL output?

Any input would be much appreciated  :)


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Andrew,

We recently integrated support for dummy axis, i.e. they take up a number but are not simulated.
It's not yet in the public release as we are currently quite busy putting several new features in and want to test it properly.
If you send me an eMail, I'll send you an unofficial build.



Thanks for the prompt reply Johannes! Ive sent you an email.