Turntable root relationship to document origin, etc

Started by bsuroboticslab, January 28, 2020, 11:34:32 PM

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Hi Johannes,

I'm setting up a milling scenario using our turntable and I have followed the tutorial for a custom turntable setup.  I have the offset base configured and am now trying to get things to look right in Rhino/KUKA|prc.  My offset base is about 210mm above the root frame of the positioner.  I've tried various settings but keep ending up with the robot floating above the floor or my turntable sunk below the floor.  Can you clarify the following?

  • Should the document origin be at the turntable root point or at the offset base origin?
  • I currently have the "Positioner Root Frame" values for the turntable component set to the values for the turntable root (not the offset base values).  Is the correct?
  • Should the numeric values for the offset base be entered into the main KUKA|prc settings?

Thanks for your help!

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


Place the meshes of your turntable so that its root point is at the Rhino origin.
Then right-click the component to set the XYZABC values you got from the calibration. That would be the offset from your robot to the root point of the turntable.
Changing the (offset) base shouldn't do anything to the relation between the robot and the turntable now, it just changes the position of the base in relation to the turntable root point. When a turntable is connected, the base values entered in the KUKA|prc settings are always assumed to refer to an offset base.

Hope that helps!