[Misc] How to simplify mesh

Started by victorlin, July 05, 2020, 06:42:21 AM

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I'm working with meshs recently, and i'm having difficulties simplifying the mesh without affecting the overall shape and quality too much.
I've noticed that the mesh models of PRC is quite nice, mostly quadmesh with decent shape and quality.

So i'm wondering if there's a recommended workflow in simplifying meshs.



Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Hello Victor,

There are various approaches. For some models I used the Rhino command ReduceMesh.
Simplygon is free and can be nicely automated, so I also used it for a few models: https://www.simplygon.com/
And finally I played around with the demo version of Moi3D (http://moi3d.com/), which generates pretty nice quad meshes out of NURBS - it wasn't significant enough for me to buy the software, though.
I'd say the reduced meshes are 60% Rhino, 35% Simplygon and 5% Moi3d experiments.

Hope that helps!