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Started by HausBot, October 11, 2021, 12:51:30 AM

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I am having trouble using the digital outputs on our KR10 R900 sixx.
I'm trying to use the Digital Out command to ultimately control an extruder. A previous student informed me that the connector on the wrist of our robot has digital outputs 13 and 14. When I add the digital out commands in the code and set the state to TRUE, I can see the value of the digital outputs change to true on the controller (see picture).

However, I'm not getting any signal from the pins that correspond to these outputs. I do get 24 volts across the other pins I marked (see picture), so presumably the connector is hooked up correctly.

If anyone knows what I'm missing to actually get an output signal, please let me know.


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Good Morning,

So what you are looking for are the technical specifications of your robot, you can download them for free from
On my version the relevant section is 6.4, page 63 which provides you with the complete pin out.
In your sketch, 0V should be pin 10 and 24V should be pin 9. The two digital outputs are pins 1 and 2.
Just from that data, your sketch sounds plausible. However, you always need to map inputs and outputs in WorkVisual, so that the robot knows that pin 2 on X41 is equivalent to your $OUT[14]. That is not a default, so if the robot configuration has been changed since the last time someone used it, the digital IOs may not be configured at all.

For troubleshooting I would recommend using the Display / Digital IO menu rather than KRL code. Just note that to change the state of an output you need to hold down the button on the back of the smartPad, as if you were moving the robot in T1.
You mentioned a "previous student", so any re-configuration of the robot via WorkVisual should probably be done by the lab staff.
Hope that helps!



This worked, thanks for your help!

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Perfect, thanks for the feedback!