Started by mark.macleod, March 03, 2022, 11:16:26 PM

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Looking for any experience (or advice) about sourcing an EOAT kit for 3D Printing.
I have roamed through the Forum and not found this specific thread...

Anyone seen any "off-the-shelf" 3D Printing EOAT "kits" for sale?
The arm used for this purpose could be either of our:
- KUKA LBR iiwa 7 R800
- KUKA KR 6 R700 sixx

If not, how about detailed instructions for a DIY EOAT?
(I have access to quite a few older 3D printers which could be a parts supply for this purpose.)

Any and all comments & ideas welcomed!

FYI Video Links:
Why bother with non-planar 3D Priting?: https://hackaday.com/2021/05/25/robot-arm-adds-freedom-to-3d-printer/

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture


It depends on what scale you are targeting. Especially in the larger scale there are a few providers like https://ceadgroup.com/solutions/technology-components
But that is definitely too large for a 6-7kg payload robot, so I guess you are looking at FDM extrusion.

Personally we have set up a Beckhoff PLC to drive the extrusion process and the robot just sends the position of the extruder via EtherCAT. I guess something similar should also be possible with an Arduino. I can definitely provide you with some pointers, while a tutorial has been on our todo list for a while, we haven't found time for that yet...



Thanks for the response Johannes.

Definitely just looking to do common FDM extrusion using the robot arm.
I am looking for an actual EOAT kit so I can begin exploring the programming.
I thought that many others would be ahead of me on this one...

I guess it may be DIY instructions that I am looking for...
Any leads there?


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Well, I think one of the first important things to define is the interface to communicate with the tool.
There are EtherCAT shields for Arduinos, with an older KRC2 you could use serial communication directly, you can of course also just drive an extruder via digital IOs. Plus many more options if you use a PLC.
Once that is clear, you can look into suitable microcontrollers for driving the extruder.
Extruder-wise we were very happy with the ones from e3D, but these are just the motors and sensors, i.e. the logic (to set the heat, move the motors...) has to come either directly from the robot or from an external microcontroller/PLC.