kuka cnc with power mill

Started by oyaputhur, May 27, 2022, 09:02:39 PM

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Hi all
i have a milling system with kuka kr120r3900ultra k robot and iam using power mill for program generation
if i do the 90degree milling its looks fine but  if i make milling in angle tool is not even touching the profile

please do advice me to get rid of this problem

please find the attachment for better understanding

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

So that's a clear indicator that your tool is not properly calibrated. If you activate your tool tool on the smartPad and change the ABC angles, it should rotate around its tool center point.
Currently it probably wouldn't do that.
That being said, for PowerMill support it would be better to contact Autodesk.



Unrelated, but where did you acquire you large milling bit? I sheared the bit we use at work and I am looking for a good supplier. Our previous one is from ricocnc, but I am hoping to find someone with shorter shipping turnaround.

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Sorry, I cannot really help you there as the CNC tool fabricators are often quite "regional".

What I can share is that one of our collaborators bought huge foam milling bits (like 40cm long) from China for quite cheap (like 1/4 of what we would have paid in Germany) and all three would start to vibrate a LOT before even reaching the RPMs recommended in the manual. Fortunately one was balanced enough so that we could use it. That made the deal not as great as it seemed.

Also, that Chinese company tried to declare the value of three huge milling bits as 20USD, which customs also did not appreciate and delayed their arrival.

So rather than looking for a reliable, international tool fabricator we personally switched back to using a local source.