Streaming Joint Positions to a KUKA robot in Grasshopper

Started by Jishnu, January 26, 2023, 06:09:58 PM

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I would like to continuously stream joint positions (ideally from a C++ file) to a Kuka robot which is loaded in grasshopper using the kuka/prc plugin. Similarly, I would also like to send the current joint positions of the Kuka robot in the simulation (in Rhino) to this same C++ file. The idea I had to accomplish the following task is to create a UPD client/server in C++ which could somehow continuously update the joint positions that the Kuka robot moves to in the Grasshoper simulation.
Could anyone help me with this or suggest a way to accomplish my goal using the kuka/prc plugin?

Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Sorry for the late reply, there were issues with the forum, notification. The problem here is not so much the PC side, but the robot side.
For (soft) real-time control we recommend mxAutomation, which is built into the member version of KUKA|prc (but you need to buy the techpackage for the robot). If you want to put something together, you could look into KUKA EKI and KukaVarProxy - note that these two are nice for sending variable etc., but it's more challenging to get smooth motion out of them.