Safe Plane Broken?

Started by austinsamson, January 18, 2023, 07:05:58 PM

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Hey Folks,

My students just downloaded the most recent version of Kuka PRC through food for rhino - and we have a license through Wentworth - for some reason the "safe plane" node seems to be not working - specifically the "start" value, if it is set to true, it will not create the safe plane at the beginning of the path - the end plane works fine - attached are the scripts and a screenshot -

The script worked fine in an older version of KUKA prc - but for some reason I have this problem in the newer version -


Johannes @ Robots in Architecture

Good Morning Austin,

Sorry for the late reply, we had some forum issues.
Regarding your question, on my PC the Safe Plane seems to work as it should, could you please send me a screenshot and mark what does not work?



We ended up just doing our own custom safe planes and it works great - but I'll re-visit this when I have some extra time to get into it -